Are You an Individual Out There Chasing Your Goals? 
AMBIZION Magazine is the Magazine for You!


AMBIZION Magazine established in 2012 spotlights Celebrities or influencers that have businesses, other endeavors or are involved with their communities aside from fame. Inside you will find articles on business, entertainment and nightlife. You will be inspired by stories about individuals making things happen for themselves and achieving their goals while our Cover Story will answer the popular AMBIZION 10. (AMBIZION 10 are a list of questions that reflect on the person’s personal journey and how they got to where they currently are in life) 

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This is the place to go whenever you want to be inspired,

Get Tips In Business and Entertainment 
Watch Amazing Success Stories
Ambitious Kids
Unique Business Spotlights
Historical Entrepreneurs
Celebrities in Business

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Is Your DOG part of the Family? 
Furry by Nature Magazine is the Magazine for You!

Furry by Nature is a new and trendy magazine by AMBIZION Media dedicated to our beloved canines and the people who love them! The Cover will feature a celebrity with their dog or a popular pooch that is in the media. Inside you find articles on everything DOG whether it’s health, grooming tips, unusual pet services and businesses and inspiring stories between a person and their furry best friend.

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All DOG Related Topics!!

Entertaining Dog Behavior 
Amazing Rescue Stories
Unique Dog Businesses and Services
Historical Dog Facts
Celebrities and Their Dogs
And So Much More!

A percentage of Furry By Nature monthly advertising revenue will go to a Dog Rescue or Charity of choice!


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