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CEO Damitra Dee Dee Stuart

On May 19,1976, in Hahn, Germany, a warrior was born destined for greatness. Damitra Simmons- Stuart, affectionately known as “Dee Dee,” and "The Indie Mama" began running towards an uncertain future.  The daughter of a military man and an extremely ambitious career woman who divorced when Damitra was 3, prompted her mother to move to El Paso, Texas.


In an effort to move them from the ghetto to a more affluent neighborhood, Damitra’s mother worked tirelessly at multiple jobs when she was in the 6th grade. Damitra allowed her mom’s experience to influence her own die-hard determination to succeed.  However, Damitra Stuart’s story cannot be summed up by an article or the scant words of a short story, but more like being on the edge of your seat intensity from reading a novel you just can't put down.


At the ripe age of 5, Damitra was an entrepreneur.  In her 20’s, she was a campus DJ at the University of Texas.  Damitra is an inventor and an award-winning top salesperson for Providian Financial Services.  But she didn’t stop there.  After being laid off from a job, her drive and hunger for financial and career success prompted her to create Dee Dee's Cleaning Service.  The cleaning company turned into a lucrative chain spanning 8 states that she ran for 13 years until she dissolved it in 2010.


In 2002, Damitra was a business owner, veterinarian technician and part time office manager with the Northeast Community Bugle Publishing Company in El Paso Texas, where she earned her first publication, Tyght Magazine (a local magazine dedicated to El Paso’s African American community) that she ran for 2 years.  While branching out to Georgia with her Dee Dee’s Cleaning chain and attending college for Web, Video and Graphic Design, in January of 2011, Damitra introduced Atlanta Ambition Magazine, an on-line magazine focused on showcasing successful Atlanta female business owners.  


While residing in Atlanta, GA and attending Westwood College majoring in Visual Communications and continuously being placed on the Deans and President's List in the summer of 2011, in an effort to bring more exposure to the magazine, Damitra created a You Tube channel and executive produced her own talk show called Hanging with Dee Dee. The show became so popular, Wisecast Television Cable Network approached her to start her own global streaming channel which was revolutionary before Netflix, Hulu and other streaming network fame.  It debuted in May, 2012 as The Ambizon Television Networks, catering to the Indie genre. Damitra created/executive produced 5 original TV series for her network.


Venturing into the TV industry took Damitra back to her radio roots.   She was also awarded her own entertainment talk radio show on Survival Radio Network radio called, Ambizion Radio, that was recently changed to The Hanging with Dee Dee Radio Show, premiered July, 2012 and airs every Tuesday night.  Damitra has gained world-wide listeners from her unique interviews with celebrities based on their life experiences outside fame.


After the cable channel, radio and magazine accomplishments, May 19, 2012 the Ambizion Media brand was born.  The Ambizion family included

- Ambizion Television Networks Television Channel for Independent Artists

- Ambizion Talent, a global talent agency with 20+ clients

- Ambizion Films, developing a multitude of scripted and unscripted television projects.

- Ambizion Events, creating red carpets events in the Atlanta area,

- Ambizion Apparel, a clothing line for the ambitious and business-minded

- Ambizion Graphics, bringing 10+ years as a Graphic Artist and Web builder.

- SRN Entertainment, awarded by SRN Radio resulting from the success of Damitra’s show

- Ambizion Consulting and Developing, helping people create & execute business ideas.  

- Ambizion Photography Creating beautiful Pictures with Southern California as her studio


Damitra’s more recent accomplishments include her new revamped magazine, Ambizion,   debuted January, 2013. The magazine featured celebrities and professionals who owned businesses to inspire others to do the same. She has also ventured into acting in films that include Atlanta Heat 2, Secured Tightly and the film, Rough Patch Twisted Fate. Damitra was also the cover story in the May/June issue of Courageous Woman Magazine, talking about her businesses, life experiences and pitfalls. Fortunately, Damitra managed to turn her life into something positive and follow her dreams.


Damitra’s early years weren’t a smooth ride but her past made her stronger than ever.  She has far exceeded the dreams of the average person. Damitra wants to be a spokesperson to inspiration to others who, like her, had troubled pasts filled with trials and tribulations, and offer them infinite wisdom they can carry with them throughout their lives.


In February 2014 in effort to follow her dreams to write for network television and expand her Ambizion brand, she made an overnight decision, sold all of her belongings and moved to Los Angeles, CA. Landing with only 3 suitcases, her dog Bailee, no job and $1,500 in her pocket  she had to start all over dealing with financial, a very short stint of homelessness and tragic pitfalls including dealing with the sudden and tragic deaths of her estranged husband and close girlfriend within two months of each other. 


In the past 6 years Damitra has managed to climb the corporate ladder as a Business Executive in the cable industry at Spectrum as well as the revamping of her Ambizion Media Brand that includes her Family Clothing and Pet brands AMBIZION Apparel and  Ambizion Pooch opening a retail clothing store in downtown Inglewood, CA in May of 2019 with money that she earned from driving UBER for 6 months to pay for her location.  She is also revamping her magazines AMBIZION and Furry by Nature in the near future and in November of 2017 Damitra became a Hollywood TV executive being named Director of Programming for local Los Angeles TV Channel  OVA TV on KVMD Los Angeles 31.9 until resigning in August of 2019 to pursue her 2nd TV channel and go back to her Indie roots creating Ambizion Television giving variety genre Independent Filmmakers and Content providers a platform to showcase their projects worldwide among a Hollywood A-List society. In July 2020 she created, built and launched 11 additional TV Channels all dedicated to unique and popular topics  Ambizion Dog, Ambizion Youth, Ambizion Chat, Ambizion Classics, Ambizion World Cinema, Ambizion Health, Ambizion Sound, Ambizion Do It Yourself, Ambizion Faith, Ambizion Sports and Games and Ambizion Food and Travel have now all been added to the Ambizion Media brand.  She is excited about her future endeavors creating her own content and giving others a platform to showcase their projects in its entirety and all of the Ambizion channels can be found on top streaming platforms ROKU and AMAZON Fire TV.  Damitra just also reopened her cleaning business Dee Dee's Cleaning due to the fact she is currently studying for her Real Estate license to take her award winning sales skills to the next level and fund her next dream which is an all purpose Movie Studio for her own future projects and for Indies to have a home and continue to be inspired.    


Although the roller coaster ride to the top has been filled with twist and turns, her quick wit and humor, along with her infectious laughter, hides the past pain and struggle deep within her soul. Damitra is extremely passionate and nothing will stand in the way of her ambition. Damitra is aware that she is a valuable asset who makes whatever she aspires a reality and when it comes to her Indie brothers and sisters the Indie Mama is here to save the day and will work hard to show that you don't have to be A-list to exude talent and create amazing content.

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